Client Feedback

Good Reviews

I have used many times for various jobs. Prompt, reliable and very professional. Highly recommend.

Wade Tank

Fantastic service, I would highly recommend this company. Thank you

John Parcel

Exceptional service and result. Andrew went above and beyond and we can't recommend him more highly.

Mik Milo

The service was as good as the work and effort put in. 10/10 . They were fast and efficient

SJ Björnstad

One of the few people you can trust to remediate mould properly! Andrew is very knowledgeable, extremely thorough and went absolutely out of his way to help us out of a very stressful situation! would 100% recommend!!

Ayla Bellears

Excellent Services. I will be recommend to my friends and family too... Thank you No Dirt Restoration Services.

Dave Hoewel

Was more than impressed with the service Andrew provided. He was informative and helpful before, during and after the job, explaining in specific detail the different types of mould that can develop and how they may flourish. I felt confident that with this service, I was taking the safest most appropriate remediation method as I couldn’t afford to get it wrong, given my sensitivity to mould. My tip is to really choose carefully who you work with as going with the wrong company may see your issues worsen big time. Thanks a bunch!! Highly recommended. (And particularly recommend for those who have, or suspect having, mould-triggered illness.)

Tan Tan

The knowledge and expertise offered was so appreciated when dealing with the overwhelming problem of mould in my home. Their professional approach to proper remediation of mould and the dangers associated with mould in the home was exceptional. Explanation of the processes that were needed to rectify were thorough & the work carried out was exactly as described. I cannot thank this company enough for bringing back peace of mind when it comes to mould exposure in my own home. Health problems are now a thing of the past. I highly recommend them to anyone who has any concerns and wants to restore their home and health. Mould is as dangerous as asbestos and this company knows how to solve the problems properly - don’t cut corners when it comes to remediating a home to being safe to live in. Eternally grateful that professional experts like Andrew are there to solve all the mould problems.

Nikki Foster