No Dirt Methamphetamine/Clandestine Lab Testing and decontamination Services

So, you think your property may be contaminated - You feel sick on entry or after a short period of time?


You’ve received a notice from your local council

What should you do now?

Andrew and the team at No Dirt Meth Lab Testing can advise you on the best approach to testing your property for methamphetamine residue and the process involved in gaining a clearance.

Don’t be too alarmed if you have heard that testing a property will cost many thousands of dollars.

That just isn’t true, In fact, because here at No Dirt Meth Lab Testing Australia we specialize in this field we have a close relationship with a NATA approved laboratory that has come on board with us to offer a special rate.

The fact is we can offer full analytical testing and reporting on a property for as little as $795 depending on the size and layout. We can also offer an onsite test that will give you a yes/no answer to the presence of methamphetamine residue.

For further information contact Andrew Cini directly on 1300663478 Or email us at

We compile and remediate and restore Australian Voluntary Code of Practice 2019.

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